An Update From KaiserEngineering

As some of you may have noticed,

since our release of the KE ShiftLight we have been keeping a low profile. So we would like to give you all a little update on what we are doing now and the plans for the near future. First and foremost we would like to give our sincerest thanks to all the individuals that bought the KE ShiftLight, the support has been amazing! Shoutout to Ben for the amazing comments left on our website



"I just installed my KE Shift Light yesterday, and have had such a positive experience start to finish that I wanted to leave a comment for Matt & team, and for anyone on the fence about buying this.


It probably sounds ridiculous, but the car is so much more fun to drive now. I’m always chasing the next light or color, and it’s made me enjoy the car all over again. Can’t wait to get it out on track and no longer have the rev limiter sneak up on me. Great product, highly recommended for any enthusiast!"


The KE ShiftLight was a big learning experience for the KasierEngineering team, and we have taken much away from the experience. The most critical lessons learned from this expedition were the following:

Timing Is Everything

When we did our initial product release for the KE ShiftLight we had completed our final design of the product but had not finalized the manufacturing plan. This resulted in long wait times for material to come in and a build-up of orders. Many long nights were spent going straight from our full-time jobs to our KaiserEngineering workshop to get orders fulfilled.
So looking ahead to the much anticipated KE DigitalDash we will now ensure that we release the product only once we have enough products built and ready to ship.

"Anything that can go wrong will go wrong"

We learned the heavy implications that Murphy's law had on our endeavor as we began to manufacture and ship the KE ShiftLight. We ran into many unforeseen roadblocks and obstacles which taught us the value of planning for the unexpected. Looking ahead we will take the lessons learned to be prepared for these inevitable bumps.

Whats Next?

Now, what most of you are probably reading this post for, whats next to come? As alluded to previously, we are hard at work on our baby the KE DigitalDash. We plan to keep a low profile until the product is nearing the final stages of development and we are primed to release it. So please bear with us and do not be discouraged if you see a lull in our content posting, we assure you we have not lost our enthusiasm and drive to bring our creation to all of you!

Closing Remarks

We wanted to iterate once again how wonderful the support from this great community has been, and how much we appreciate all of you. We are excited for what prospects the future holds for KaiserEngineering and the community around it, we hope you all stay along for the ride.


The KaiserEngineering team


  • I know thinks are kinda f’d this year, but are you guys still working on the digital dash?

  • Thinking the dash is not happening.

    Chris August 29, 2019

    Jeffery Sanders
  • No response about the digital dash??

  • Digital Dash???? I guess its not going to be released?

  • Thinking the dash is not happening.


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