(Special order) Ford Focus ST/RS Digital Dash Complete Kit

(Special order) Ford Focus ST/RS Digital Dash Complete Kit

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Unlock your vehicle with the first-ever plug-and-play Digital Dash upgrade for your Focus ST/RS! Unlike universal products, we have fine-tuned this product in every way to work in your Focus ST/RS right out of the box. Simply replace your old gauges with the new and improved KE Digital Dash using the same mounting holes, screws, and even OEM connector.


The KE Digital Dash is an open-source plug-n-play Digital Dashboard upgrade for your Focus ST/RS. You may be thinking, "Open-source? Does this mean I need to know how to write code?" Nope! We provide everything you need to simply plug the unit into the car and start driving.

We have designed the swiss-army knife equivalent of a gauge system with the freedom of CAN bus communication, a plethora of expansion port options, and an entire Linux computer at your disposal. Just think of all the custom features you could add. Want to integrate a Shift Light? How about real-time graphing? Need sensors meshed with your ECU data? All of this can be done with the Digital Dash platform.

Want to know more? Check out the wiki.


  • OEM mounting location
  • OEM connector
  • Screen brightness mirrors the vehicle's settings
  • CAN bus data
  • Expansion port
  • Up to 3 digital gauges
  • Customizable themes
  • Min/max tracking
  • Background PID monitoring
  • Dynamic gauges
  • Pop up warnings
  • Auto-on/off
  • Firmware update support

What's Included

  • Ford Focus ST/RS Motherboard
  • Ford Focus ST/RS Enclosure
  • Digital Dash LCD
  • Digital Dash Base Expansion Card
  • Preloaded Micro SD card for the Ford Focus Digital Dash
  • Raspberry Pi Compute 3+ Lite
  • Raspberry Pi Compute Heatsink
  • WiFi USB Dongle
  • Mounting hardware
  • KE Logo Decal 3" - White